custom properties from atomic level

We are designing and making highly optimized heterogenous metal materials with custom properties at each material point without interfaces.

We achieve this using advanced metal materials with our manufacturing approach and designing process.

Advanced Metal additive manufacturing

We are building our own equipment based on cold-spray technology, as this method is currently capable of producing several kilograms per hour. However, our approach is able to create elements of better quality and consistently.
Our equipment will be able to create custom heterogenous materials, complex metal composites, etc.

integrated modular Equipment

Our manufacturing process starts with bulk materials that are converted into powder and pre-processed in-situ, just before being sprayed.

Our equipment is a modular assembly, easy to build and replaceable. Each module will be able to work independently from each other.

This is particularly useful for small spaces, such as submarines or spacecrafts.

Automated - A.I. POwered

From material selection, pre-processing, mixing, spraying... to post-processing will be completely automated and coordinated by a master A.I. that will control and direct each individual module.